Tee-Ball #10

In fairness, trying to coach kids of that age is somewhat akin to herding cats.

10 points to anyone who finds the hidden homage.

Is this team REALLY ready?

And if they are, for what exactly?

Will the opposing team survive?

Will Alisdair manage to avoid a having his head explode?

Find out NEXT WEEK!

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  1. LostInDarkness

    Is that an Ed, Ed and Eddy reference I see? Because that bat looks very familiar…

    And of course that team is ready. I have absolute confidence in them. The rumors that I bet on the other team are completely untrue.

  2. DktrAgonizer

    PLANK 8D

  3. Dan Genesis

    “In other news, the little league had a gruesome start today as the local team’s first runner carried his bat with him to smash the basemens’ kneecaps.”

    Yep. They are ready. Go get ’em guys. Hehhehheh.

  4. ChryssHart


  5. jjmblue7

    I’m pretty sure it must be Plank’s cousin Stick or something.

  6. Marvelous TK

    … Well. … Well. Some part of me thought that there would be at least a halfway showing of competence, at the end of the coaching. Clearly, I forgot it was the Imps who were doing so.

  7. Ember West

    Plank from Ed, Edd, and Eddy….nice!

  8. Dannysmartful

    T-ball pogo stick? Don’t they sell those? Maybe it is E, E & E? I think they’re ready.

  9. Baughbe

    Looks like every little league team I’ve seen. So yeah, they’re ready.

  10. Kiriel

    Dude, Plank rocks! and Ed Edd and Eddy is awesome :3

  11. keylaleigh

    There’s also a chiick sporting metal horns in the back.

  12. DCRyan

    And here I thought the airborne kid might be a Hobbes homage. Sadness.

    Least the kid licking the baseball will lose weight … and get good, strong teeth … unless chew toys don’t work for human kids. I’m never sure about these things.

  13. Palmetto

    Hey, Plank, buddy!

  14. Ragedoll

    How could they not be ready with such amazing coaches?

  15. MrSnow

    @jjmblue7 – that is totally wat i was thinking!

  16. MrSnow

    @kiriel – hell ya!, very much agreed

  17. MrSnow

    well hopefully they dont try to eat the equipment during the game o,O also todays strip seems alot like ed edd eddy, the kid licking the baseball just needs to dip it in pink paint and wah-la! u got urself a EE&E icecream cone XD

  18. Courtney

    I was sure that the small “Plank” reference would quietly slip by everyone. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

  19. Comichero

    why may i ask is the fat kid licking a ball on a stick?

  20. Aletheya

    I think they’re all quite ready! To eat the other team, at the very least.

  21. Original Imp Lover

    It’s Plank! I mean… Bat!

  22. Dan Genesis

    Courtney, Ed Edd and Eddy has a huge following. Once one person notices, everyone sees it.

  23. DktrAgonizer

    @Courtney: Bah, I’m pretty sure every kid has seen at least ONE episode of Ed Edd and Eddy. In fact, it was one of my favorites as a kid. I wish it still played now. :(

  24. Malverne

    It’s Plank…but in bat form! Who turned Plank into a bat? I feel like I must murder someone now. No one lays a hand on Plank.

  25. jjmblue7

    @Courtney: You know we supporters of Team D are an observant bunch.

  26. Sicarius

    ….Who did what now where? *grins*

  27. Comichero

    I also wonder if the girl that was picking her nose is related to the little know and understood super hero boogerman he was prettty awesome if he as achilly pepper his farts be cam powerful enough to propel him and another through the air at break neck speeds also he could fling his boogers hard enough to knock out bad guys