Tee-Ball #16

FINALLY, our girl comes up to bat.

And she gets it AAAAAALL!  That ball is OUTTA HERE!  It’s going ALL THE WAY.

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  1. LostInDarkness

    Was there any doubt that Luci wouldn’t do awesome?

    Also, Tears will officially be in my nightmares tonight. Just saying.

  2. Marvelous TK

    Luci, yeah! I knew she could do it! Hooray Luci!

    (Ten bucks she takes an out.)

  3. Ragedoll

    Oh hell’s yes! haha I bet Luci is the best on the team, but how could she not with the three best Imps on her team!

  4. iellswo


  5. jjmblue7

    Maybe Luci should coach? She sure knows her tee-ball!

  6. Dan Genesis

    It’s going! It’s going! It’s….

    Oh my it’s in the fat kid’s face! Oh, he is going to be feeling that one tomorrow.

    Looks like he lost a tooth…..

  7. Aletheya

    Awww they look so proud!

  8. DCRyan

    Pain, Alisdair, and Tears in the dugout… that ball is NOT making it out of the infield without hitting someone or being the center of a 3 Stooges worthy comedy of errors.

  9. LydaLynn


  10. Malverne

    where is it going?! I mean, she hit it, but WHERE IS IT GOING?!! cliffhanger >.<

  11. DktrAgonizer

    Yeah, I’m kinda getting the feeling that ball will end up hitting someone. Or something.

  12. LostInDarkness


    It will hit the angel in the outfield

    *Is struck down by Mr. G*

  13. Comichero

    yay home run insidently i found an offical t-ball , ball in my front yard yesturday afternoon

  14. Baughbe

    …and remember kids, when you get a hit, throw the bat straight up in the air before you start running!