Field Trip #02

I’m pretty sure I have shared a bathroom with Pain in the past.

You know the one.  You test a door and it’s locked, but there seems to be no one in there.  You move along and take your own stall.

Suddenly your lungs start to burn.  Eyes start to bleed.  The plastic fittings in the bathroom start to melt.

Oh yes…. that guy can make an emergency.

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  1. LydaLynn

    TMI – just . . . tmi

  2. LostInDarkness

    … Oh dear…

  3. Comichero

    lol oh man he’s going to crap tat kid out adn blow the back of the bss off

  4. Dan Genesis

    Oh boy. Pain, you’re steppin’ in on my disaster job.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that – it give me time to slack off :)

  5. Baughbe

    Have you had your corn today?

  6. Malverne


  7. DCRyan

    You know it’s gonna be bad when an imp takes reading material with him to the bathroom.

  8. Aletheya

    I wouldn’t want to be on that bus…

  9. Krahazik

    Should we start handing out pro-masks now to select individuals? Oopps, only brought 2, one for me and one for Luci.

  10. jjmblue7

    @ Baughbe: Read my mind!

    …But the teacher realizes that those children will consider a slight, you-may-need-to-use-the-bathroom-in-an-hour-or-so feeling to be an emergency, right?

  11. Malverne

    hang on…what is securing that bowtie to Pain’s neck?

  12. Cromley

    *shudder* That is so nigh identical to my D.C. trip. One kid had practically filled the chem-toilet on the way from the airport to the hotel and we had to put up with the stench all weekend. I truly feel for the kids on that bus.

  13. Revok

    159 pages in one day, Done. Woot!
    Wow, I go away for most of a year and lookie what happens. New Imps, New IMPosters and a cat! ^.^

  14. DktrAgonizer

    I did always hate public transport.

  15. Courtney

    @Revok: Hope you liked. See ya again in 2012! 😀

  16. Aletheya

    Btw, Al looks cute with glasses.

  17. Secret Agent 000

    …What are you talking about, Aletheya? Alisdair isn’t here, obviously.
    …Though there IS that green kid there wearing glasses.
    You must have mistaken the kid for Alisdair.
    ‘Cause he’s obviously not here, and that kid is obviously not Alisdair in a paper-thin disguise.

  18. Ragedoll

    Lol! I bet pain could make more than an emergency with all the kids he eats!

  19. J.P.

    Well….This can’t end well.