Field Trip #05

Will Luci, the Imps and the rest of her class reach D.C. without destroying further vehicles?

How many more kids will require their lungs being reinflated?

What DID Pain have for dinner last night and how hard did Alisdair hammer on that bathroom lock?

And when they arrive, what will the Imps do in the nations capital?

Find out NEXT WEEK!

Are you gonna be in the Houston Texas area this weekend?  If so, swing by Comicpalooza at the George R. Brown Convention Center and come say “Hi.” Penny Farthing Press will be at Booths B1 & B2 with Luci Phurr’s Imps books and t-shirts.  If you’re lucky, you might even get a glimpse of the rarely seen Courtney Huddleston…. but don’t blink or he’ll be gone.

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  1. LostInDarkness

    Damn, Pain caused a lot of damage. Just… Damn!

  2. LydaLynn

    What will they do in the nation’s capitol – probably a family reunion – most of the population of the capitol has got to be imps or other demonic minions.

  3. Ragedoll

    Lol, sometimes you just can’t hold it!

  4. PinkE

    @lyda either imps, minions, or at the very least members of team D.

  5. Malverne

    does anyone else see that smiley in the wreckage of the old bus? two dots and the end of the pipe…

  6. keylaleigh

    @Malverne: YOU CANNOT UNSEE

  7. Aletheya

    If they did this to the bus, I wonder what will happen to the rest area.

  8. Revok

    my only question, what is all that “fluff” in the back of the bus?

  9. Comichero

    HA i called that nice work pain

  10. pantera

    Rev? thats smoke? or major “GAS”sage? lol… ; ) & DC? HOME OF GAS~BAGS! HEEHEEHEEHEEE! (no offence to any1 who lives there.)

  11. pantera

    heehehe… ty Mal!!! i missed that one! ; )

  12. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    It looks like Pain is a little aggrivated….perhaps jealousy at Alisdairs handy work?

  13. Amberblaze77

    What DID Pain have for dinner last night and how hard did Alisdair hammer on that bathroom lock?

    I think we can all agree on the answer to that first question; that he had corn, along with something really, really, spicy.

  14. Mooharpist

    Naw, he probably ate collard greens, a whole bowl topped with cabbage. I believe the results can be considered WMD in the area of bio-warfare.
    I too have been on road trips (and camper trips) like this. There is nothing like the smell of blue chemicals and …… (fill in the appropriate biological waste). Whee!

  15. Krahazik

    That was quite a disaster. I have traveled Greyhound and never smelled anything near that bad.