Field Trip #07

And often times, you get to the end feeling completely underwhelmed.  So much to see and so little available to see.  Of course, there IS the Smithsonian…. which more than makes up.

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  1. iellswo

    It’s like waiting in line for 2 hours for a 10 minute ride a the theme park, except for everything that makes it worth it of course.

  2. Ragedoll

    I definitely saw that coming! haha…

  3. Marvelous TK

    Ah, isn’t that the way it goes? You wait so long it HAS to be good… and then it’s nothing at all.

  4. DCRyan


  5. Aletheya

    Waiting is never good, but when the result is this it becomes even worse.

  6. dale_mettam

    Lest anyone should decide to base a trip to DC on this account, I should say, when I recently visited, while there were a couple of times I did feel like this, there were other times when it was actually really cool. The Park Rangers that work in places like the Washington Monument of Fords’ Theater for example, were fantastic. For every tour guide I encountered who was clearly rattling off the script they memorized for the twentieth time that morning, there were plenty more who clearly loved what they did an brought that to their delivery and the information they shared.

  7. Malverne

    That’s why I just break into the White House. Much less of a line, and MUCH more exciting.

  8. jjmblue7

    The museums and Zoo are really fun, I’m just not much of a fan of the historical buildings/monuments. I mean, when I went years ago I got to see my weight on different planets. So cool!