Field Trip #13

To misquote Han Solo….  “And you thought Pain was nasty on the outside.”

A quick message to our overseas readers…. and specifically readers who might use an alphabet different to the one we use here…. if you send us a message or comment on a strip, the way the software that runs the strip works, it just blocks out the letters it can’t understand.  We love to get ALL your comments…. so please make sure we can read them after you sent them.

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  1. Kiriel

    I wonder what the president is gonna think of his new surprise?

  2. Ragedoll

    mmm… pain innards!

  3. Baughbe

    “Washington DC was evacuated today…”

  4. Malverne

    *Continuation of above post* after terrorists managed to detonate a new WMD in the Oval Office. The device seems to have malfunctioned, but the chemicals are still incredibly lethal.

  5. DCRyan

    “The Oval Office burst into flames today. Authorities are calling the fire arson, but have yet to determine the exact nature of what started the fire. Al Qaida and Hamas are both claiming responsibility.”

  6. Bismarck

    “The President has finally grown tired of everything that comes out of the middle east. He has just signed legislation outlawing the existence of the middle east.”

    “We begin bombing in five minutes!”
    (Lets see who gets that one) 😉

  7. LydaLynn

    . . .

  8. Aletheya

    I love Pain’s smug expression!

  9. Ember West

    Awww, but Pain didn’t wreck enough things yet!

    Also, isn’t the oval office video taped?

  10. Revok

    Um… after it eats through the basket… will it eat through thr floor?

  11. DktrAgonizer

    @Revok: Surely it would go through the floor, through the ground, and down into the very core of the earth. I will be severely disappointed if this is not so (but not really).

  12. Secret Agent 000

    …And this just in, it appears that illegal hazardous materials were put in the oval office wastebasket.
    Police have no leads at this time, as the video feeds were down for routine maintenance and no suspicious individuals were seen entering or exiting at the scene of the crime.