Field Trip #14

Pays to have connections.

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  1. Dan Genesis

    Hahahaha! Go Pain Go!

  2. LostInDarkness

    Looks like Pain saves the day.

    Wait, Pain saves the day? That’s impossib- *world blows up*

  3. BiblioMatsuri

    Mr. Kissinger? I’m not a US History buff here… Though I’m pretty sure you linked to him and I didn’t bother following it. Oh, well.

  4. Kiriel

    xD Niceee

  5. Kiriel

    Also, the game room sounds fun C:

  6. Malverne

    where were they intending to go? to the game room, to have awesome fun and stuff, or to the bunker, to hide from Pain’s barf?

  7. Baughbe

    I thought all three of those rooms were one and the same.

  8. Ember West

    xD War room, Nuclear bunker and GAME ROOM?!? When the world is about to end where do you go?

  9. keylaleigh

    The game room’s also part of R&D, most likely. Day and night, the US’s top military scientists are working to figure out how to re-create the sticky grenade from Halo.

  10. MaxAndCo.

    which room, which room… perhaps the war room, where all precious weapons are? or perhaps… GAME ROOM!!!

  11. Vicky T

    Bahahahaha! Nice!

  12. Aletheya

    Yay! I want to have a bunker with a Game Room!

  13. Aetre

    The game room has one game, and it is Tic Tac Toe.

  14. Trixxer13

    I am for the Game Room. And we need more R&D into that sticky grenade…money well spent ; )

  15. Palmetto

    BiblioMatsuri, Henry Kissinger was the US Secretary of State under Pres. Richard Nixon in late 1960s and early ’70s. He established many of the US policies related to the Vietnam War and Cold War / Soviet relations. Many of those policies haven’t stood the test of time well.

    This would also explain how “Henry the K” was able to nail a hottie actress / Bond girl like Jill St. John.

  16. LydaLynn

    . . .

  17. jonwaynew

    Just loved this. Literally LOLed

  18. Sicarius

    …wow, it’s been awhile…*grins*…this ought to be good…

  19. Senok el Tirun

    LoL, Pain here a Boss, or something?