Field Trip #15

Back out in the open and we’re left with more questions.

Who will we offend with this strip?

How many readers will we lose?

What WOULD solve the nations problems?

And do we really care?  Since this strip is really all about the fuss and nonsense and solving them would make it way more difficult for us to come up with things to make fun of.

Find out NEXT WEEK (unless you are one of those people we asked about at the top…. in which case, I’m sorry, it was all Courtney…. he’s a commie!  A MARTIAN! A BODY SNATCHER! IT WAS ALL HIM!)

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  1. DCRyan

    That would be “tea partyers” … tea baggers are guilty of another sin entirely (different imp, too).

  2. LostInDarkness

    Well, I know I’m not one of those readers. I’m with the IMP party.

  3. LovieGirl

    Hm… shouldn’t ignorance be around there somewhere?

  4. jjmblue7

    Love the fat guys signs! XD

  5. Sicarius


  6. Lord Chaos

    In answer to your question. I was upset and seriously thought of deleting the link.

  7. Sailorleo

    “That would be “tea partyers” … tea baggers are guilty of another sin entirely (different imp, too).”

    This is intentional for that exact reason. It’s the pejorative of choice to refer to Tea Party, partly because of the implications of the term (and the gross hypocrisy those implications further imply), and partly because many people refuse to refer to them as the Tea Party due to their values running counter to the ones that resulted in the actual Tea Party.

  8. Sailorleo

    “is probably intentional,” rather

  9. Zarvain

    Smooth cover shifting to Courtney;
    really smooth…
    like sand…

    meh, See you next week!

  10. Aletheya

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone really wrote those things on a sign. Humanity is just like that. That’s why I’m always with the Imps.

  11. DktrAgonizer

    Good thing they’re too busy protesting nothing to notice Luci and the imps. 😛

  12. Comichero

    Wow dale way to toss your commie lovin buddy courtney under the bus like that

    but seriously do you plan to find any tea party members here im not entierely sure that they can read or understand humor

  13. Sicarius

    *snerk* Nice one comic…nice one…

  14. Courtney

    @Zarvain and Comichero: I’m glad you guys were able to identify Dale’s subtle efforts to toss me under the bus. Ok, so maybe it was a little more than subtle. But you get the point. It’s only a matter of time before he blames some broken interwebs on me too. 😀

  15. lefty891

    Nope, no offense taken. I think that offense and ignorance are both too busy stirring up the teabaggers.

  16. MJ

    The only way to save the country would be for everyone to stop saying what they heard someone else say (Libreral and Conservitive) and go to the original source.

  17. Revok

    Both the strip and Comic’s comment, too funny for words 😀
    ROFLMAO x2

  18. dale_mettam

    Regarding Courtney’s comment above…. I am of the Jake Blues School of accepting responsibility.

  19. dale_mettam

    @MJ – Excellent point. The more you know from source, the better you can form your own opinions.

  20. Krahazik

    Lets see, large crowd, and those particular imps in their midst, I smell trouble. Time to make popcorn and wait for the show :)

  21. Dangerdoll

    lolz. good stuff . Fat dude’s sign applies to the masses no matter the party affiliation. Positive change has to occur within a person then become contagious and spread without. We are all seeds who need to plant ourselves in positivity. *sprinkles love* :)

  22. dale_mettam

    @Dangerdoll – Amen, sister! Peace, love and sprinkles! 😀

  23. LydaLynn

    *decides not to ‘stir the pudding’ and wanders away*

  24. Kiriel

    Nicee~ Of course tea baggers is a nickname for the tea partiers.. :3

  25. Ragedoll

    LOL! <3 The strip is awesome!

    And poor Courtney… getting blamed for everything!

  26. Ragedoll

    Man I got all excited that it was past 12.. and now I realize it’s only Sunday! ahhhhh another entire day of waiting and anticipation!

  27. jonwaynew

    Has anyone seen the Grouch brothers in Horse Feathers?
    *singing, “Whatever it is… I’m against it.”

  28. Bismarck

    Careful Courtney, I believe I am the only one around here licensed to drive the bus!

    And I do like it when I have moving targets 😉

    You guys must have been to “Dirty City”. I have seen people there with signs that almost say as much as the ones you have drawn.

  29. waf

    You would have a really good comic if you could keep your lib-tard agenda out of it. There’s more than enough of that insanity on the news, in the schools and elsewhere on the internet. Seriously. The only thing you are accomplishing is making yourself look bad (and uncreative).

  30. Dale

    @waf – Thanks again for another insightful and constructive comment.

    I would engage you in a reasonable discussion as to the merits of the political underpinning of this strip, but anyone who opens up with “lib-tard” clearly has trouble with real words, issues that can’t be distilled into Brangelina-esque nuggets of nonsense and just being nice.

    Additionally, I am missing my mithril undershirt, and make it a policy not to fight trolls without it.

  31. waf

    There is nothing nice about people who willingly go along with, or worse, actually want, the agenda of the left. Nothing. Also nothing too bright about them either. You all THINK you’re informed, but you don’t actually know much about anything important – like history, nature, or psychology. What you put in this strip shows you are either, a true mental midget who can’t get enough of John Stewart and MSNBC, or, are evil and think that the gov’t should be limitless. Either way you are a threat to independence and freedom. And you freely cast about insulting crap like in this comic. Tell me again why I should be nice…. (that’s probably the best part, you use the term “tea baggers” then get upset at lib-tard. good lord. lol)

  32. Dale

    Clearly YOU are the one possessing the narrowness of thinking, waf. It seems obvious to me that I could quite easily enjoy the humorous stylings of Jon Stewart (I can also spell his name correctly…. just sayin’) AND be evil. They say Hitler liked dogs, y’know…. well, OF COURSE you know, being a student of history, nature and psychology (I don’t want to cast aspersions but seriously, being an expert in all that stuff, you kinda come off like one of those college liberal elite types…. obviously I’M not one to judge, but there’s a REAL jerk on this site who will call you all manner of rude names like lib-tard, so, y’know, heads-up on that).

    I’ll send the goblins down with some fresh meat later. That IS what trolls eat, right?

  33. PWms

    I appreciate the Tea Party and I like this strip. I can separate them. This being a comic strip, why do we have to put the agenda of the left or right out there. That being said, please don’t try to push the left down my throat.
    Thank you!