Field Trip #17

Fortunate for us that Luci came back at that point.  Alisdair could have cost us even more readers!

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  1. LydaLynn


  2. LovieGirl

    Um I believe that “firmly” doesn’t even begin to cover how permanently stuck their heads are. Crazy Glued and perhaps even welded in place are probably closer descriptions.

  3. Teeroy766

    That about sones it up. Glad luci cam back though, now I can show my little brother. Even he knows more about stuff like this then those teaparty idiots do.

  4. MJ

    I say again, stop repeating the crap that is being put out by the media and go to the tea party web sites and read what they are saying. The only ones with there heads up there are the people who repeat this kind of spew without confirming it first.

  5. Valerie

    Nice save, Tears.

  6. DCRyan

    Equation for calculating group intelligence. Define variables: n = number of people in group, s = individual intelligence of stupidest member of group.

    group intelligence = (s*n) / [(n+1)^n]

    The larger the group, the dumber it gets. Let us hope the number of those who comment on this comic does not grow too large.

  7. Bismarck

    @ DCRyan —OUCH—That made my head hurt, and I deal with federal laws all night long!

    @ Dale…Good timing with Master Luci!! But I think you opened a can of worms, I think its getting a little to political. Just something to think about.

  8. dale_mettam

    @MJ – You assume I haven’t looked at the suggested website and formed my own opinion based on that. Of course, you also assume that I think the same as the characters…. by that logic, I’m also compiling a recipe book called 1001 Ways To Make Cat The REAL Other White Meat.

    @DCRyan – Ouch. Yes. I mean no. I mean… um… the trains meet in Boise…. at 3pm… with six oranges left… HELP!

    @Bismarck – We’re wrapping up this story arc and heading back to the safer and classier fart, poop and vomit gags… everyone can take a huge sigh of relief…. though possibly you don’t want to sigh too deeply… it could get a little stinky.

  9. jjmblue7

    Oh convenient child appearances, you save us from ourselves. ^.^ With that said, “Random punctuation marks and other assorted symbols!”

  10. Trixxer13

    Whew….Luci saves the day (again)!

  11. MJ

    Dale I will appologize to you and your readers. Unfortuantly as a famous propergantist once said. If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth. There are too many jerks on both sides that will streach or just outright lie about history, possitions or legislation. I would ask everyone to Please, Always go to the source first before you repeat something. It would be fair to say that I’m a little frustrated.

  12. dale_mettam

    MJ – It’s all good. Not everyone one will like every part of something like this. We take potshots at everything. But hang around, we’ll be mocking something else shortly.

    In this strip, the part about the “hearts in the right place” for me, is just as valid as Alisdair’s observation. There are idiots on every side of an argument ( which I think is partly what DCRyan was saying…. but I might be one of the idiots, so I don’t know for sure 😀 ) and those folks often drown-out the serious points.

    I think this is where we all have a group hug and look forward to more of Pain eating something nasty and making everyone else pay for it?

  13. Revok

    Yay! Hugs!

  14. Ragedoll

    <3 Tears! haha he's so amazing :)

  15. Dangerdoll

    Said it before and I’ll say it again-
    Positive change has to occur within a person then become contagious and spread without. We are all seeds who need to plant ourselves in positivity. *sprinkles love…AGAIN*
    Man I love sprinkles :)

  16. Malverne

    I ran into a teabagger the other day. Well, not really. A guy hit me in the face with a teabag. this seems so much more unpleasant.

  17. Aletheya


  18. Aletheya

    And braiiinzzzz.

  19. DktrAgonizer

    Alisdair seems a little angry. 😛

  20. illyria

    @: DCRyan:
    we’re dealing with the human race. any inteligence score(/roll fot the D&D-ers) of any human person should always he halved to truely match it

  21. dale_mettam

    @Aletheya – OOOOW! Nice inside joke, throw-back to Zombie-boy.

    It was an inside joke, throw-back to Zombie-boy, right?

  22. Elfguy

    When Pain says your heart is in the right place, I’m pretty sure he means “Right where I can easily rip it out and eat it in front of you”…

  23. jjmblue7

    …Did I miss the hugs?

  24. Aletheya

    Yes, Dale :p