Field Trip #18

I think Pain and Alisdair look at the chem-toilet on the back of the bus, like some explorers see Mt Everest.  There to be conquered.  And by conquered I mean destroyed…. if possible with a wide blast radius.

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  1. LostInDarkness

    Oh dear…

    Also, Tears apparently has a disappearing tie.

  2. Kiriel

    This should be interesting and from his smirk in this strip, and the previous couple strips.. I wanna do horrible things even Mr. D. would outlaw to Alisdair.. ;3; I claim him as my snugglemuffin!

  3. dale_mettam

    @LiD – Refresh the page. Tears possibly loosened his tie when they got on the bus to head home… then remembered it was a “Hypnotic Tie” and quickly slipped it back on. 😀

  4. jjmblue7

    …Just as long as they haven’t been eating corn.

  5. Dan Genesis

    Here we go again…..

  6. iellswo

    When pain has a smile like that on his face, I would recommend running. Very, very far away…

  7. Valerie

    This cannot end well…

  8. MagicalMadge

    I thought Pain and Alisdair were above such potty humor! I’m with Tears and Luci on this one…very disappointed in them. 😛

  9. DCRyan

    I’ll be honest – I’ve only ever seen buses like this when they were chartered. Never known a school district to have buses with toilets on them.

    Live and learn and learn to live far from bus bathrooms near Pain and Alisdair.

  10. Elfguy

    Must be from one of those stupid “bussing” programs from the 70s and 80s back when neighborhoods were still more or less segragated, where they bussed kids 50-80 or more miles from their neighborhood just so they could go to school at schools with more white students…supposedly it was to “integrate” the schools, but all it really did was waste a ton of money and force the “bussing” kids to get up 2 or 3 hours earlier.

  11. Palmetto

    Dale, that’s your story; you stick to it…

  12. Zarvain

    *sigh* Fine…I’ll go ahead and for warn the local hazard units…what route are they taking again?

    Maybe they’ll get the annoying seat climber this time….

  13. dale_mettam

    @DCRyan – Courtney went for a visual-hybrid. For out of town field trips like this, schools usually do hire a charter bus, WITH a toilet (and having provided said toilet for the kids they do also tell the kids not to use aforementioned convenience unless you really, absolutely, REALLY, definitely, REALLY, ruin-your-underpants-and-the-seat need to). But then we also get new readers dropping in all the time, and they might hop on a new strip as their first one, out of context, before reading the back-strips to have it make sense. So it’s also designed to have a school bus element too.

    @Palmetto – Would I lie to you?

  14. Trixxer13

    I am loving the twin face palm in the last panel! Poor Luci and Tears, having to put up with those other two!

  15. Dangerdoll

    I blame the Teacher for making the announcement. That is silly for her to call attention to the restroom. Now, Pain & Alisdair HAVE to visit the restroom just because of it… I would if I were them. *buggy hands & evil laughter*

  16. Aletheya

    Maybe Luci will be able to stop them this time.

  17. DktrAgonizer

    Lucy and Tears are fed up with these shenanigans. Can’t blame them, considering what happened last time. 😛

  18. Malverne

    wait…that’s it? One visit to the White House, and they’re leaving?! That’s a lame field trip.

  19. dale_mettam

    @Malverne – I think the rest of the class went on a power-walk-paced tour of the Capitol Building and a forced march through Arlington National Cemetery while the Imps took Luci on a more “interesting” tour.

  20. Comichero

    one word discrbes thes two right now ” Bastards “

  21. Malverne

    seems like a crap field trip to me…but who am I to complain? I’ve seen some BAAAAD field trips.

  22. dale_mettam

    Most Field Trips seem to be that kind. Keep moving, look… interesting thing…. don’t STOP to look…. keep moving…. we have another interesting thing to see in 30 minutes and we have to get there five minutes early…. why are you slowing down…. yes, it IS interesting but keep moving. The main point seems to be so you tell people you went – whether you really saw anything of value or not.