Life’s A Beach #01

It’s summer time and that means BEACH TRIP!Β  HUZZAR!

Of course, when you’re a kid, that excitement of hitting the vacation spot and all the wonders you find at the beach is always tempered by the fact that you know you’re gonna be away from your friends for that time.

But I’m sure these friends can find a work-around.

New readers should also make sure to click the Mr. Butterpaws Pussford Monday pic below for a special Bonus insight into our feline friend.

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  1. prey2112

    WOOHOO! we’re going to the beach!

  2. Valerie

    I can scarcely imagine what horrors await… TO THE BEACH!! πŸ˜€

  3. Zarvain

    I forsee the end to at least 3 life guard’s jobs, most likely on the 1st day.

  4. LydaLynn

    interesting . . .

  5. Trixxer13

    Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun. And I want “tickets” to anywhere I wanna go!

  6. Aletheya

    What’s Mr. Butterpaws Pussford doing on the first panel? πŸ˜€

  7. Dangerdoll

    I simply adore Mr. Butterpaws Pussford !
    I am also ready for Beach Time! :)

  8. Kiriel

    Heh, I can totally imagine one of the imps in a ‘pin up’ bikini xD

  9. jjmblue7

    @ Kiriel: Yes. πŸ˜€
    Also, I’m afraid for those poor, poor ocean creatures, especially if Pain or Mr. Butterpaws Pussford has a taste for seafood.

  10. Comichero

    hmmmm is was expecting a Mr. BP about the Vancouver roits

  11. DktrAgonizer

    I was never a beach person. Hot sand and salty water were never fun things for me as a kid.

    This, however, should be fun!