Life’s A Beach #05


Now they have their disguises set, will it be plain-sailing?

Or should that be plane-flying?

How long will it take one of the readers to ask if this is a secret launch of LPI Plushies?

How long after the disappointment of a negative response to the former question has settled in will someone ask when we are ever gonna launch LPI Plushies?

And what kinda of coastal erosion and disaster can we expect in the coming weeks?

To find out, check back NEXT WEEK.

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  1. jjmblue7


  2. LostInDarkness

    Uh oh… cue mobs of people saying “Must have plushies! Give us plushies!”

    I suspect an Imp is responsible for this…

  3. Infectious Midnight

    THIS does remind me. I am in the process of making a Tears pattern with the intent to sew it when my latest bout of classes ends. However if this does upset the creators I could refrain from creating it.

  4. LovieGirl

    *clears throat* so…. about those plushies…. we ever gonna see any, you know… real ones? Cause, you know, I’m sure most of us would hop all over that opportunity… that is, if they were to become available for purchase… *clears throat* ya’ know….

  5. dale_mettam

    @Infectious Midnight – OK, the official line is that you are cool to do that if you are just doing it for fun, the challenge of it, the creative venture…. whatever. As long as you DON’T sell and you DO send us pictures, it’s all good.

    WHEN your classes have ended, obviously. 😀

  6. dale_mettam

    @LovieGirl – Do you need a lozenge? All that throat clearing…. you wanna take care of that.

  7. iellswo

    My guess less than an hour.
    No comment.
    One that will be so full of win and 5 kinds of sugar.

  8. keylaleigh

    *insert mob*

  9. DCRyan

    Assuming nothing untoward happens to the plane at any point and the Phurrs actually make it to the beach, erosion is covered by California’s native imps. If it’s a Florida beach, that opens possibilities. If it’s a Hawaiian beach. they’re being drowned by rising ocean levels, so also covered by another imp.

  10. Bismarck

    @ Dale.. Don’t mind those three little red dots on your shirt. I may even want to acquire my own little imps. I think they would just love to ride around in my “craft”. And the “Band” something looks great!

  11. Dannysmartful

    I don’t know why, but for some reason I think of the movie Home Alone…with all the Imps creating chaos… they’re so devious… :3

  12. Aletheya

    So… what kind of chaos can three plushies start? Everything’s safe, right?

    … Don’t answer that.

  13. Malverne

    won’t the TSA flag them. I’ve had dealings with the TSA and they might recognize three plushies of people on the no-fly list

  14. DktrAgonizer

    D’aaaw, they’re so cute. And Tears has a little, well, tear. How nice. 😛

  15. jonwaynew

    A few years ago, someone had suggested that they create a doggy plush/chew toy of Michael Vick.
    Can we make plushies of the evil people to make them less evil?
    …I don’t think that will even work with the LFIs, but WE CAN TRY!! *evil grin*

  16. Dangerdoll

    LOVE IT!

  17. dale_mettam

    Yeah, Courtney. Are there gonna be any PLUUUUUUUUSHIES???

  18. Startiger

    If you make the Plushies you better include Mr. Butterpaws Pussford

  19. dale_mettam

    Yeah, Courtney. Mr. Butterpaws Pussford too. You better!

  20. LydaLynn

    I love ‘idea Tears’ – that expression is priceless!

    As for plushies . . . must – absolute must – if you make me a plushie Butterpaws – I’ll send you real baked goods!

  21. Krahazik

    Imp plushies, oh deer. I can just see the x-ray machine breaking as they go through, or the operator having a mental breakdown at what comes up on the screen :)

  22. Piggichoo