Life’s A Beach #06

In the past, with talking toys in luggage, I’ve actually experienced the “talking luggage” syndrome.

At least I hope it was talking toys.

Now I think about it, this would explain the inordinate amount of lego blocks scattered around my house.

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  1. LostInDarkness

    Wait, aren’t you suppose to wait until you land to remove your bags? Or did the last three panels happen after they landed?

    Or maybe I’m over-analyzing.

  2. jjmblue7

    Guess we should be glad the imps only talked after getting through security.

  3. Kiriel

    Yay! We get to see her daddy again~ :3
    And SHIELD, huh? e_e

  4. Bismarck

    And we almost acquired a view of Ms Phurr. That is her arm, right?

    [Back to stalking Kiriel] 😉

  5. Dan Genesis

    Legos. Fun stuff. I built a mousetrap car out of legos once. It was great. Second best in the class.

  6. Valerie

    I’m fairly surprised that the plane is still intact.

  7. Malverne

    Ooh, Untied Air. I’ve flown them before. Good service, and amusing too. The stewardesses are always tripping.

  8. Aletheya

    I don’t usually like pink, but I think I’m in love with Luci’s bag!

  9. Trixxer13

    Ahhh, no mayhem on the flight…but we haven’t seen them get off the plane yet, so there is hope! Can’t wait to see what kind of chaos they inflict on the beach!

  10. DktrAgonizer

    So they CAN behave themselves for a few hours! Good to know, hehehe.

  11. dale_mettam

    @Bismarck – Yes, Luci’s Mom IS on this vacation.
    @Malverne – Yup, Untied Air. Kinda like United Air, but with a much looser quality control. Much looser…. Untied…. HA-HA! I’ve been waiting to say that since I originally wrote the script.*
    @DktrA – Yes, they CAN behave…. but I dread to think what will happen when they release the pent-up Impness they’ve been holding in check. Oh… wait…. I know what’s coming…. BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HAR!

    *Yes, I DO need to get out more.

  12. Comichero

    youknow for some weird reason i feel as if i have been away for a very long time

  13. Krahazik

    And he breaks out the evil laph. Can’t wait to see the evilnessin action.