Life’s A Beach #14

Dipping Alisdair in the Cotton Candy Spinner was also probably not the most hygienic way to go either.

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  1. LydaLynn

    um . . .

  2. Sicarius

    …pffft…forget hygenic…cotton candy man!! The sugary fluffy fluffiness! ^^

  3. jjmblue7

    I’d still eat that delicious cotton candy!

  4. DCRyan


  5. Aletheya

    Cotton candy!! Yum!!

  6. Comichero

    its cuz all the jagged edges much easier to get more spun sugar that way

  7. Trixxer13

    Awww…Al is all fluffy and puffy! LOL

  8. Malverne

    0.0 I wonder what that cotton candy would taste like

  9. Startiger

    Can Pain control himself to eating just the Cotton Candy???

  10. Piggichoo

    Cotton … Candy … way.. to… fluffy… and yummy :O