Life’s A Beach #19

That poor poor child.

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  1. Sicarius

    Pffft…probably deserved it…*snerk*

  2. Dannysmartful

    Hilarious. Now they need to travel forward in time to when he’s an adult and do it again…while he’s at a job interview. (LOL)

  3. Malverne

    school bus feeling? That’s not what I would’ve called it…

  4. Aletheya

    After this, I don’t think that poor child will want to enter public toilets again…

  5. Zarvain

    @Malverne Then you missed a few comics couple weeks back. =P

  6. jonwaynew

    *Singing* Are you going to “SCARburo Flair?” with Butterpaws, Tears, Misfortune, and Pain

  7. Trixxer13

    Oh man, that kid has no luck, or he sure is full of misfortune….Oh…I see what you did there!

  8. Malverne

    @Zarvain, I saw it, but after what happened, I wouldn’t have called it the school bus feeling. I’d have called it the school bus-ambulance feeling.

  9. DktrAgonizer

    How devious.

  10. jjmblue7

    @Trixxer: He’s full of something alright. Hey, I meant chocolate!

  11. J.P.

    You just can’t help yourselves,can you? XD That poor kid. He’ll have nightmares about public toilets for months.