Life’s A Beach #20

And so we wind up another adventure and prepare for the next one.

And it’s a doozey.

Danger.  Horror.  Things that should never be seen.

And Mr. Butterpaws Pussford!

NEXT WEEK, here at Luci Phurr’s Imps.

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  1. LostInDarkness

    How is that kid not dead yet?

  2. Comichero

    they are grooming himto be super human he’s going to be the universe’s greatest janitor soon Mr. D and Mr G will hire him out to clean up all the messes left by the Imps and angels

  3. LydaLynn

    I love Pain’s happy face – and even more I love the new sidebar ad with the eyebrow wiggling Butterpaws.

  4. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    That booth operator just can’t seem to catch a break can he? Two bowel movement related problems, that cause destruction, in the same week? Pretty soon hes gonna have fears of any thing related to the subject. Although it is probably karma, ya’know, all those years of ripping children off…

  5. Aletheya

    I believe it can be said that our Imps are the creators of a new kind of threat to our security: toilet terrorism.

  6. DktrAgonizer

    Everything’s better with explosions. EVERYTHING.

  7. Kiriel

    That poor kid’s hospital bills will be enormous.

  8. Dan Genesis

    That kid’s going to be traumatized to the point where he can never use the bathroom again.

  9. Malverne

    Oh, that poor kid…I wish I could do that to a person.

  10. ploppy

    I had a day like that when I drank the water in mexico.

    I saw your pic on inkoutbreak and I thought it was demons then I was like oh theres a little girl, and i was like oh great its a girl comic. Its not girl, its phenominal!

  11. dale_mettam

    @ploppy – never drink the water. 😀

    Glad you found us. We do try to be Girly now and then….. Mostly though, we’re just very very naughty….. The Devil makes us do it.