The Most Horriblest Thing #05


What is The Most Horriblest Thing Ever?

Will anymore mice visit the Phurr residence?

How long will Mr. Butterpaws Pussford take to get back this time?

How many times has been actually eaten since he arrived…?  Because you know when we aren’t looking, the Imps are probably snacking on him then too.

Find out NEXT WEEK!

Of course, if you’re heading to SDCC this weekend…. or are hitting the special preview night tonight…. make sure you swing by Booth 1903 and say “Hi!” to Luci Phurr’s Imps writer, Dale.  He has TONS of spoilers, including what the Most Horriblest Thing in the World actually is.

Clue…. it’ll be closer than you think.

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Discussion (21) ¬

  1. LydaLynn

    I so need to take the ominous music button away from you guys!

  2. Dan Genesis

    This can only end in my amusement.

  3. Brant


  4. iellswo

    Wait…. It’s taken her this long to figure that out???

  5. Kiriel

    I just wanna hug her in panel 3 D; <3

  6. jonwaynew

    It’s gonna be a telemarketers office.

  7. Trixxer13

    The most horrible thing ever…NO!!! They are taking her to see Richard Simons sweating to the oldies!!!! Oh, the humanity!

  8. Senok el Tirun

    What is The Most Horriblest Thing Ever? Well, you will know too, if see this:

    ; )

  9. TheZombieBudda

    LOOOVE your web comic. tis something i look forward too in my own bit of hell. Salute from Afghanistan!

  10. Zarvain

    @LL No music but have a handy drama button might fit. =)

  11. Lew

    Isn’t she too young to see Twilight? 😛

  12. dale_mettam

    @zombiebuddha – Big Impish salute back at ya. Glad our he’ll takes the edge off yours a little.

  13. Comichero

    the most horrblst thing eve huh have the considered Howard Taft in a thong speedo?

  14. Malverne

    Bad things are about to happen. YAY!

  15. Insanaity

    Her eyes look sad…very sad. Something is wrong. Why is she hurt? What’s…what’s going on?

  16. Sicarius

    …*peers in*…this should be good…*grabs chair and popcorn…and guinea pigs Ben and ‘The Guinea Pig Who is Currently Unnamed and so Goes by Jack’*

  17. Van

    I have already seen it. If you are ever at Bexar Creek Boy Scout Camp in Texas, you will know what it is. Just go use the toilets there.

  18. DktrAgonizer

    Uh oh, I wonder what’s up with Luci. Also, the imps’ expressions in panel two are great.

  19. Ragedoll

    I wish I was going!!!!! sigh

  20. jjmblue7

    @Senok: Oh, come on, Candlejack doesn’t exist in the rea

  21. Chris

    Justin Beiber?