The Most Horriblest Thing #10

And on that malodorous note we end the week.

What fresh horrors await the Luci and the Imps next?

Is Robert Downey Jr. really there?

Will Luci meet him?

Will the Imps get trampled by excited fans?

Find out NEXT WEEK.

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  1. Apple

    Heheh..gotta love Lucy’s face right there.

  2. jjmblue7

    @ Apple: Yes!

    I’m lucky in that despite sweating pretty easily and like a fountain when I do, I never get smelly.

  3. Aletheya

    Oh, the horror of unbathed people! *shudders*

  4. DCRyan

    AH, the joys of Con. Sweaty fanboys who never realized that one of the multitudinous reasons they fail to get a date (or be able to converse with a woman) is their odoriferous emanations.

    Also, BATHE! I’m pretty sure Neurotically Yours did a Foamy’s rant on A-Con that included this same rejoinder about cleaning one’s self.

  5. SecretAgent000

    OH NO!

  6. SecretAgent000

    And, for the list of things, (Na)ruto Poster, Pokemon-themed box, Legend of Zelda-themed box, NES Super Scope?, Batman hat, Fantastic-Four shirt, X-Men belt, Wolverine Claw-knuckles (right hand), Iron Man glove (left hand), Flash-insignia-imprinted bag (held in left hand), Spiderman-Head-imprinted bag (held in right hand).

    Also note that, even though I know all of this, I do not read comics, (other than webcomics, of course,) nor do I watch much TV at all, nor do I watch virtually ANY movies. And yet, somehow, I STILL know all of this stuff. Somehow.

  7. Corin Wolfkin

    Ah yes, that sickeningly bad smell! So many people forget the basic rule of attending conventions; 5-2-1: 5 hours of sleep, 2 meals and 1 shower EACH day. Of course, that’s why drive-by febrezing’s were invented, where someone sprays these people down with quantities of odor eliminators. Some people tend to skip the shower part.

  8. Topazert

    Throw a match in his direction and watch the fireworks.

  9. dale_mettam

    @SecretAgent000 – (KOFF)Fist-of-Doom(KOFF) (KOFF) (KOFF)Not-Iron-man(KOFF)

  10. MagicalMadge

    Otakon is this weekend in Baltimore….THAT guy has surfaced…only in a Sailor Moon costume… XP

  11. dale_mettam

    THAT guy. Sailor Moon.


  12. TheZombieBudda

    OMG…… you drew my brother………. drop a few pounds, loose the gotee *thats my thing* and add a kilt and you got my brother spot on.

  13. Sicarius

    …Wow…I can smell him from here…

  14. Becky

    Its not just at cons. Try tourists who don’t bathe during their vacations. Its just as bad. By the end of the week, some of them are all too ripe.

  15. Zarvain

    Wait, wasn’t the hand of doom his right hand?

  16. dale_mettam

    Clearly the guy is right-handed and it would ridiculous to try to pick his nose with the fist of doom. Makes much more sense to use a fake wolverine claw for that. It’s obvious when you think about it.

  17. Zarvain

    Ah, of course. And here I thought it was a mirror flip scene like in the 1st movie, you know, where Hellboy is exiting the spiky hall and suddenly is a right handed gunslinger. =P

  18. SecretAgent000

    …wait, that ACTUALLY was an NES Super Scope?

  19. Ragedoll

    Yay you didn’t forget the smell! awesome man!


    har har. Lol :)