The Most Horriblest Thing #12

This is perhaps one of the most awesome things if you’re just wandering around a comic con.  Yes, there are a few people who really should consider a costume that excludes spandex, but pretty much across the board the level of skill involved in making some of the costumes is amazing.  I mean, last year I saw a full Iron-man costume.  Not something with a pattern printed on fabric, this guy had the entire suit custom molded and everything.  And even those folks who are somewhat stretching the limits of imagination and fabric…. you gotta love how they just go for it.  Take the attitude, the spirit of the characters and strut their stuff with pride.

We at Luci Phurr’s Imps Manor salute you all!

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  1. Erinovauch

    i’ve seen much worse Batman’s and Superman’s(yes that’s proper since they are both specific names not just titles) but that she hulk and wolverine are horrid, the punisher i’ve definitely seen worse

  2. MagicalMadge

    Baltimore Comic Con isn’t this bad. Otakon typically lives to these standards, though.

    Although, I wish I had a fraction money some of these cosplayers spend on their costumes -_-…

  3. MagicalMadge

    Oh! Did Lady Hulk get a little frisky there with Wolverine? ;P

  4. Aletheya

    What a naughty Hulklady!

  5. MagicalMadge


    *She-Hulk* got a little feisty with Wolverine.

  6. TheZombieBudda

    heh kinky

  7. dale_mettam

    The real question…. tomorrow morning will Wolverine look more like the Hulk?

    If y’ know what I’m sayin’?

  8. Kiriel

    She-Hulk looks absolutely adorable 😀

  9. Ragedoll

    LOL! I think this is my favourite so far… no lie!

  10. Ragedoll

    in addition super man reminds me of Court… lol

  11. Mongoose

    Hey if she want’s to rock the spendix I got no problem with that


    Batman seems so angry. :)

    Great artwork. Check you out next time.