THE Fight #07

This can’t end well.

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  1. iellswo

    The most EPIC lumberjack EVER!!!!

  2. LostInDarkness


    Ummm… Every Imp for himself?

  3. iellswo

    Kiriel, do you still think tears stands a chance?

  4. MagicalMadge

    Wait, isn’t that guy supposed to be guarding Eden?

    The progression of Tears’ expressions is priceless. :)

  5. iellswo

    No, it seems most angels have flaming swords these days, remember Conrad’s comment (that was his name, right?) that last time we saw him he mentioned swinging by his locker to grab his flaming sword.

  6. Dan Genesis

    He’s a Lumberjack, and he’s okay! He sleeps all night and he works all day!

  7. SecretAgent000

    Dang it.
    You stole my line.

  8. SecretAgent000

    I hear a *VWING* noise when I look at the third panel.
    An ! would probably work too.

  9. Aletheya


  10. DCRyan

    Looks a little like the Flaming C… minus the fishnets and oven mitt.

  11. Ember West

    I am SO switching sides unless the imps have something better…

  12. Dannysmartful

    For some reason when I look at our beloved Imps I think of the classic, “Hear-no, See-no, Speak-no EVIL.”

  13. jjmblue7

    The only way he could be awesome-er is if that sword was blue fire. ^.^

    And Tears’ expressions = priceless.

  14. Kiriel

    @iellswo, it depends on if imp powers work on angels or not, if they do? Then make him burst out crying to force him to stop running or slow down. If not? well then the Imps’ll have to run like hell, and the band together 😉
    Besides, this guy has a flaming sword. o3o;;

  15. jjmblue7

    Sorry, Madge, didn’t realize you said just that first! Great minds and such, eh?

  16. Elfguy

    Verily, yon angel hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword.

    Time to run, Tears…

  17. jjmblue7

    First panel: “Can’t tell if angel-ing or just stupid.”

  18. Ragedoll

    Not Tears! It’s not fair! He’s too Innocent…

  19. Visagor


  20. mattykins55

    does Tears not have eyelids to squint on his other three eyes?

  21. DCS

    Is that the Archangel Gabriel??!! Oh, my!