THE Fight #13

Remember kids, THIS is why you don’t play with matches.

Because Misfortune is NEVER far away…. at look what he can do with it.

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  1. RocketTurtle

    Spiked.. ankle cuffs?

    So Alisdair is a closet Kiss fan?

  2. Axisor

    oops… with all the voting for Dale’s other Awesome Webcomic — Cemetary Street, i forgot to vote for Luci… please don’t set me on fire

  3. iellswo

    Wait, if that’s what Misfortune did, I can’t imagine the pain that Pain will bring…

  4. dale_mettam

    Oh Axisor. There I go, blushing again.

  5. Aletheya

    Wouldn’t those kicks be Pain’s job?

  6. Ember West

    The fire is my favorite!

  7. Lillith

    I b’live this is almost like a “Captain Planet” thing.. It’s all “By out powers combined, we are KICKIN’ ANGEL ASS”..

  8. Sicarius

    @Aletheya: Yes, but I would like to believe the imps are all somewhat schooled in other forms of impishness…

  9. jjmblue7

    So Water and fire attacks are both super-effective? Angel-Types are weak!

  10. jjmblue7

    Oh and @ Dale & Cortney: I’m looking to change my icon, but I still want a ducky. ANy chance of making a ducky-face IMPoster icon I could use? :3

  11. dale_mettam

    jjmblue7 – That one’s on m’ colleague…. he wields the arty-side. I work the light-side. 😀

  12. kirara

    that’s a painful way to gat circum-sized

  13. J.P.

    And now we know that the Imps are Benders. Pain is air,obviously,Tears is water,and Al is fire. When is the part where they combine together for a cool looking fusion spell?