THE Fight #14

What?  You expected Pain to have some cool special attack?

He’s all about getting in there and mixing it up.  Street fighting…. and not the faffy video game version either.

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  1. Antonious

    There is nothing subtle or stylish about Pain. What Pain lacks in pizzazz he makes up for in quality delivered, or is that de-livered.

  2. Krahazik

    I do not think pain has ever been subtle. what he lacks in subtly, he make sup in quantity and force.

  3. Baughbe

    Pain if for those who can’t understand subtlety. Which makes him one very busy imp.

  4. DCRyan

    Why is Pain only delivering right-handed punches? I get the “lacks subtlety” thing, but he’s only using one hand.

  5. Kiriel

    That is truly so much Pain right there o_o

  6. Kiriel

    Oh, and @Coutney, I really am looking forward to The Legend of Korra!

  7. jjmblue7

    @Antonius: Pain’ll handle the liver, and Tears’ll handle the onions, but what will Al bring to dinner?

  8. dale_mettam

    @jjmblue7 – Fava beans and a nice chianti. 😀

  9. Courtney

    @DCRyan: There was no rope available for Pain to tie his other hand behind his back. That part of the conversation was not inluded in the strip. But, I’m sure you can imagine what Pain boasted to the angel. 😀

  10. LJ

    Ah, the classic approach. Gotta love the classics.

  11. Alex

    …Remind me never to cross Pain.

  12. TheZombieBudda

    pain is awesome!!

  13. Kiriel

    Since the others are an air, water, and fire bender, does that make the angel an Earth bender?

  14. Aletheya

    Pain would never be subtle. That goes against his morals, didn’t you know? And besides, it wouldn’t even make sense.

  15. Nonesocoldasi

    Antonius and Krahazik:

    Pain is both the unmovable object, and the unstoppable force.


    Alisdair will bring the good Doctor over to the table.


    I think Energy Bender is more likely.

  16. J.P.