THE Fight #15

If taking and dishing out that amount of smack was done by an Angel who previously wasn’t mad, what next?

Is this the end of the Imps?

Do the Imps have anything left to defend themselves?

What is the Angel gonna unleash next?

What kinda insurance claims are gonna be made by local residents after this?

And will the insurance companies believe them?

All will be concluded NEXT WEEK!

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  1. davids4250

    I think Luci’s gonna step in and save the Imps. An angel would not hurt a cute little girl.

  2. Startiger

    Now its time for Mr. BP to make an appearance, and we will get to see why she is Mr D’s favorite.

  3. Comichero

    he looks well past mad there guys, I’d personal go with mighty pissed

  4. Baughbe

    I second the return of butterpaws. He has a grudge to settle.

  5. Aletheya

    I think Luci will come with Mr. BP. She’ll scold the angel for hurting her cute flying kitty, then she’ll scold him again for hurting her Imps. After they’re safe, she’ll scold the Imps for causing all that chaos in the street.

  6. Elfguy

    I don’t know…Imp insurance? Sounds like this incident from Exiern:

  7. Axisor

    Are angels allowed to get angry? Man, that seems like straddling the line into the land of Mr. D and imp-dum….

    Oh, that would be an excellent way to defuse him (or recruit him)

  8. Palmetto

    Elfguy, I love the classic Foglio ‘Myth’ avatar.

  9. Wizard

    My theory: Mr. Butterpaws. With the steamroller.

    @Axisor – I’m pretty sure righteous fury is allowed when smiting the forces of evil.

  10. Dannysmartful

    Does anyone remember the Batman movie with Jack Nicholson where they’re fighting on the roof top and the Joker puts on a pair of glasses and says, “You wouldn’t it a guy with glasses would ya?” I can TOTAL see Alisdair doing that right now. (LOL)

  11. Ember West

    Why do Al and Tears look worse in the second panel? They suddenly acquire scrapes for like no reason! xD

  12. scantron

    @wizard, you forgot to say WHERE… Mr. Butterpaws, with the Steamroller… in the ruins of that building.

    i think that the term “righteous fury” IS what he was doing before, as he was well controlled, in no way dangerous to innocents and aiming it all at the Imps… but NOW he’s stepped over the line to the Dark Side ™, and is gonna go bonkers with the amount of violence handed out, ignoring any bystanders caught up in it, and possibly even going in for wholesale slaughter, and mass destruction “just to be sure” of getting the Imps.

  13. Dannysmartful

    New scuff marks? That’s caused by something called divine progressive injury. When Evil is hit/struck by someone of a Good alignment it slowly begins to cause damage, kinda like casting a poison spell in an RPG. This Angel wants the Ring of Power back, so he can overthrow the Empire and prevent the Zombie Apocalypse. . .

  14. dale_mettam

    Actually, it’s a technical thing.

    The transcorporeal nature of both the Imps and the Angels dictates the need for a morphic field. This allows other-dimensional creatures to walk among us…. without inspiring fear, awe or more fear. When you put the morphic-transcorporeal fields in a state of such extreme distress…. such as a direct battle between the two major sides…. fluctuations in that field can happen.

    Were there no humans watching, or around, you would see the true nature of the damage and the true forms of the players involved. Though you ARE human (well, most of you) so clearly there is a minor flaw in that.

    However, it DOES prove Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle insofar as illustrating that by viewing an event, you influence said event.

    Who woulda thought that Theoretical Quantum Physics had a theological/metaphysical dimension too?

  15. Aletheya

    @Dannysmartful That’s quite a mix of comics and movies and games you’re brewing there.

  16. Lisa

    @Dale – my head hurts now.

  17. dale_mettam

    Then my work here is done.

  18. Brant

    Interesting: Quantum Artistic License.

    Shall we coin it simply as ; QAL ?

    ( duck for incoming puns )

  19. Jarod

    Just discovered the comic, and I’m really enjoying it. Great work!

  20. dale_mettam

    @Brant – Sounds like a rejected title for a James Bond movie.

    @Jarod – Welcome to the fun…. we’ve really just been killing time until you arrived. Things can get serious now. 😀

  21. Courtney

    @Ember West and others:

    Well let me see, how can I best put this? In the great words of Homer Simpson…

    “Doh!” 😀

  22. Kiriel

    @Axisor, ever READ the old testament? lots of fire and death and revenge and sort of jealous/anger stuff in that one.

  23. Axisor

    @Kiriel — Oh, I have studied the Old Testament. I also read about the Crusades growing up. lots of shit goes wrong when humans decide to interpret a divine message through skewed lenses…. However — That’s not Imps and Angels, though. Angles weren’t really active through much of the OT… excluding that bit at Sodom and Gomorrah… but that’s kinda a blip in biblical history. Most of the time they are passive back seat observers.

  24. jjmblue7

    @BRant: You called for a duck?

  25. Ragedoll

    LOL.. no one beats Chuck Norris!

  26. Seeen

    I like how as Pain hurls through the air, he just casually notifies them of his thoughts.