Guest One #03

Not just a unicorn…. a SPARKLING unicorn!


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  1. Filthy Pazuzu

    I just love how Pain is attending to the lecture, too. I thought he’d be trying to eat the unicorn.

  2. iellswo



  3. dale_mettam

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last panel. Tears is drawn so well that if you lean into the screen, you can almost hear the involuntary emission of sound he’s is making. A drawn out vibrating “HU-HU-HU-HU-HUH!”

  4. Snowgods

    Sparkling Unicorn, Does that mean it’s a Vampire unicorn?

  5. jjmblue7

    I would’ve said yes, but it’s sparkling. Ewwwww.

  6. Baughbe

    The sparkles slice into my soul like a thousand tiny knives. I like it!

  7. DCRyan

    No, Snowgods, vampires do not sparkle. The abominable spawn of a heretofore unknown tryst between Dracula and Tinkerbell known as the Cullens DO sparkle. Keep your vampires and your blasphemous vampixies straight.

  8. Aletheya

    Snuggling sparkly unicorns?! Run! Run for your lives or its adorableness will suck your soul away!

    Luci looks so grown up in the second panel, btw.

  9. Elfguy

    REAL vampires don’t have any real reaction to sunlight other than that they lose their ability to shapeshift (Read the original Dracula if you don’t believe me…the “Sunlight burns” bit was added later by Hollywood)

  10. dale_mettam

    @Elfguy – it IS a while since I read it, but I thought he couldn’t handle direct intense sunlight…. but an overcast, cloudy day he could go for a stroll. I blame Coppola…. he made him a romantic, misunderstood tragic figure. Vampires are parasites…. just big ticks.

  11. Ember West

    That Unicorn is so fricken epic that I would gladly snuggle with him, but only if he put on battle armor and let me ride him into battle!

  12. iellswo

    Be afraid, be very very afraid…

  13. jjmblue7

    @Dale: and there’s more blood when you squish them.

  14. DCRyan

    The “sunlight burns” was at the end of the novel after Helsing had decapitated Dracula and shoved a clove of garlic in his mouth. The body dissolved as the sun rose and the light touched it. Stoker’s novel had Dracula avoiding sunlight.

  15. Ragedoll


  16. c bro

    It looks like luci is getting older

  17. Dale

    Just different art styles, c bro.

    Unless the weird morphic-gastric juices had done something terrible!

  18. Infamous Nefarious

    The unicorn sounds like Sly Stallone.

    Don’t mind me…. Working on getting caught up after not being ABLE to read them for the last year.

    2011 was the pits.

  19. Master Brony

    The sparkling unicorn looks like Rarity from MLP:FiM…..the artist is a brony perhaps?

  20. MidnightDStroyer

    If a human-flashback comes in the form of nightmares, I suppose THIS would be considered a nightmare by demons…It only makes sense.