Guest One #04

The corrosive power of rainbows and bunny rabbits and flower-strewn meadows.


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  1. iellswo

    I repeat:
    Be afraid, be very, very afraid…

  2. jjmblue7

    “Now I’ve had the time of my life. No I’ve never felt like this before. Yes I swear it’s truth, and I owe it all to indigestion.”

  3. Zarvain

    ….@_@…I fear for the time space continuum now; does anyone have a handy temporal shelter we can hide in?

  4. senribear

    The gingerbread man skipping next to Pain isn’t going to last long… XD

  5. Baughbe

    But the shame that comes after… is even better!

  6. Aletheya

    Oh no! Why didn’t the Imps run away when I told them too?

  7. Startiger

    ??? so just how many Antacids does it take to cure Stomach Acid Flashbacks anyway?

  8. DCRyan

    Heh, the rainbow is upside down … no good can come of that.

  9. Sicarius

    …*snerk*…poor fools never had a chance…

  10. Trixxer13

    Wow, that is one trippy “acid” flashback! Hopefully the evil will commence again soon.
    Also, I am a big fan of the Catena Manor, have been missing it while they are doing the “reboot.”

  11. Duke of URL


  12. Wizard

    Oh, the horror! The adorable, pastel horror…

  13. Nonesocoldasi

    The only thing missing is Rainbow Bright and a couple of care bears to turn this into a true Hallmark moment.

    I keep expecting Tears to regain his sanity and start singing “No good can come of this whatsoever i can tell you no good will ever come of this “

  14. Ragedoll

    I want to go to there… it looks so warm and happy.

  15. Comichero

    the unicorn and rainbow remind me of twon things first robot unicorn attack and rainbow bright

  16. Insanity

    La-la-lalalala Sing a happy song!
    La-la-lalalala Smurf the whole day long!

  17. DadaHyena

    Devils and unicorns seem like such a perfect match! If you like either, you’re going straight to hell!

  18. Piggichoo

    Tears is going for a world Dasiy-Chain record!!