Guest One #05

Where will the Imps end up next?

Just how many Ghost Chilis did Pain eat?

Shouldn’t he technically be dead now?

A big thanks to Tracy for some awesome art. You should check out her comic at Catena Manor

A new Stomach Acid Flashback and a new Guest Artist NEXT WEEK!

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  1. Aletheya

    Can Imps really die? I thought they were like Mr. Butterpaws Pussford.

  2. DCRyan

    Localized Pain-vomit-induced reality alteration: take two.

  3. Elfguy

    Look at the sound effects more carefully, DCRyan…T’isn’t vomit we’re dealing with…think the other end…

  4. Ragedoll

    Oh dear!

  5. Kiriel

    Awwh.. I’ll miss sparklyhappyworld… :C Naah xD

  6. Elfguy

    A stench so vile it can warp the very fabric of time and space…

  7. Antonious

    I’ve already seen that. The origin was vending machine burritos. The result was I swear a visible, creeping, green cloud of death. It cleared the entire study area.

  8. neroangelus

    Damn it I wanted to see that unicorn fart rainbows, like in the story books, lol.