Guest Two #01

Imp Babies?

Sounds like a poorly conceived idea from the early nineties to expand the franchise in a new (read: terrible) direction.

On the plus-side, it allows us to welcome our second Guest Artist, David Emerson, from Underling Comic.

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  1. davids4250

    I love Pain’s cute little flowered diaper.

  2. Baughbe

    I wonder who is going to change said diaper.

  3. Aletheya

    @Baughbe I think there’ll be no need to change the diaper. It’ll just be consumed by Pain’s… uh… interior warlike zone.

    Tears has a very cute ribbon. I want one.

  4. Ragedoll

    haha I love Baby Tears he’s adorable :) Nice Job David!

  5. jjmblue7

    Baby pain! Squeeee!

    Tears has liquid coming out of his mouth now, so I’m guessing there’s other liquids involved, too. I’m willing to bet the sheer number of diaper changes Tears’ll require will outmatch anything Pain’ll drop into his diaper.

  6. Alex

    They’re adorable! Bravo David, excellent job! :)

  7. Karyl

    can you say “Plushie opportunity?”

  8. Wizard

    Okay, all together now: 3, 2, 1, Awwww!

  9. Ember West

    O.O I love the Underling comic to the point of obsession!

  10. Babedo11

    Those adorable babies are going to eventually be evil creatures…wow. I want one!

  11. MagicalMadge

    I want all of them, in adorable plush, sent as fast as possible to my house. Now.

  12. Kiriel

    D’AWWH!!! I wanna see Butterpaws Pussford in this style ;3;