Guest Two #05

And again, babies tend to just explode at times…. often from different directions…. at the same time.

Where will Luci and the Imps find themselves next?

What will they look like?

How long will this stomach malady last?

A massive thanks to David for loaning us his artist talents. You should check out his comic at Underling Comic.

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  1. davids4250

    Does the little bow mean Tears is a female?

  2. dale_mettam

    I’d be more concerned about Pain’s pink diaper-cover.

    Y’know….. while it’s still pink.

  3. Dan Genesis

    OH SHIT, I totally didn’t even recognize David’s art style! I love Underling. Just checked the latest page too.

  4. Whirlwitch

    Hey, speaking of Pain’s diaper cover – where did the flowers go? Did they all just wilt away at this most recent development?

  5. Axisor

    pain stunk the flowers right off his diaper 😀

  6. Ragedoll

    lol Yellow is a “gender neutral” colour.. for whatever reason. The diaper reminds me of the huggies one when they learn to potty train and if you pee yourself the picture goes away.

  7. jonwaynew

    What kind of diapers are those that pain is wearing? If they’re still holding up, to any degree, they may just be the strongest diaper out there.

  8. Kiriel

    What will THE look like, huh? 😛

  9. SNARF!

    Axisor…. it was a damn good thing I wasn’t eating or drinking when I read your comment, or I think I’d be replacing my monitor right now…. That was freakin’ priceless!