Guest Four #03

“Use your imagination,” is never a good thing to suggest to an Imp.

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  1. Ghost Girl

    Ahaha. If I didn’t have the sense of humor that I have, I might be resentful of this portrayal of DnD playing geeks. Love it. <3

  2. Baughbe

    Gee, during our games we drank a lot and came up with really bizarre ways of getting things done. It’s fun making your DM cry in frustration. Don’t mess with the geeks. They have thought up ways to destroy entire planets.

  3. Elfguy

    my favorite was when we took the described mechanics of the Feather Fall and Push spells (Feather Fall reduced the MASS of an object to that of a small feather, while Push applied a given specific amount of force…and when Featherfall wears off, velocity is conserved instead of momentum. Knowing those three facts, you can get ridiculous accelleration) to make a magical was basically just a tube that featherfalled anything put inside it, and applied a fairly stiff Push spell from the end the object was inserted towards the other end. With a long enough tube, you could attain velocities approaching the speed of sound and still have a fairly portable device, and you could make the bore diameter whatever you wanted since it was magic.

  4. Aletheya

    The problem with “Use your imagination” is that it’s not quite specific. If someone suggested that to me on those terms, I would simply act like Alisdair.

  5. jjmblue7

    @ Elfguy, if only that were available in the real world = cheap, effective weaponry.

  6. Krahazik

    In World of Darkness I had a hunter with a fairly simple force effect applied to a cross bolt. The effect was applied to any bolt loaded in the crossbow. What did the effect do, converted heat and resistance into kinetic energy as the bolt flew.

    As a DM the players rarely did anything that made my cry. Ok, having their characters sit on their buts in their motel rooms did almost have me pulling my hair out once.

  7. jonwaynew

    Couldn’t help but notice, is that tape on Alisdairs glasses? he doesn’t have any tape in other panels.
    Really been enjoying the guest comics