Guest Four #04

Anyone who has played a Dungeons & Dragons-type game has encountered a player they would like to make the same roll as Alisdair did on.

(That sentence seemed to make more sense in my head than it does on the screen.  Perhaps I suffered one too many game-related chairs to the head when I was younger.)

Check out our Guest Artist’s comic at NPC Comic.

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  1. Poytin

    Most of the time I want to roll “Hit the annoying player with a chair”

  2. Iceburgh69

    Oooooooooh yeah. Rules lawyers. Makes a Pain in the tail seem like heaven.

  3. Kiriel

    So is Alisdair Rp/LARPing as Pain?

  4. Aletheya

    Ah, hitting everyone around with chairs!… Those were the days!

  5. jonwaynew

    Dale: you’re right, it doesn’t sound quite right. I believe it has something to do with the lack of a name for the roll. Every other roll has one, so why can’t this be called “Hit the nerd with a chair BONUS!?”

  6. Startiger

    I want to know what DEMON invented D&D???
    I watched (if you want to call it that!) a game for 4 hours and they never made it out of the first room of the dungeon!!! I found out later that 4 hours of real time was only about 30 minutes of GAME PLAY…………………

  7. Infectious Midnight

    Stariger: sounds like a bad gm

    In all fairness D&D isn’t as bad as the comic. It reminds me more of a white wolf system
    This is why I save my self the headache and play Indi games. Like dread and Acocalypse world.

  8. Senok el Tirun

    Violence sold every problems, kid… Just never forget, maybe the other peoples know this too! XD

  9. kirara

    i don’t mean to rude to the other dudes but al’s is my favorite