Guest Four #05

And so we end Mary’s Guest Run. You should check out her comic at NPC Comic.

Where will the Imps find themselves next?

And will there be a dragon unleasing….. what???

Find out when we have yet another Guest Artist, NEXT WEEK!

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  1. DCRyan

    I wonder if anyone has yet equipped a +1 000 000 mask of stench removal. I mean, SERIOUSLY, the bog of eternal stench has GOT to be powered by Pain’s cousin or something.

  2. Elfguy

    Unfortunately, Pain’s Ghost-Chili powered flatulence is +10,000,000

  3. Kiriel

    Maybe Alisdair will be less bored next week?

  4. Visagor

    hey, it might be a bit belated, ut who inspired those imposters?

  5. Ragedoll

    I never did really like the role playing dice games… I’m with Alisdair on this one!

  6. Comichero

    lol he last two made me laugh good and hard

  7. DktrAgonizer

    The last two panels go just perfectly together.
    But I have to be that grammar jerk who points out that it should be “its mouth”. 😡

    Also I need to stop forgetting to comment on pages, oops.

  8. DCS

    Based on Pain’s usual “emissions”, it must be a black or green dragon they’re fighting . . .