Guest Seven #04

Well if anyone was gonna discover this, you know it would be the Imps.

Check out our Guest Artist’s comic at Bittersweet Candy Bowl.

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  1. Kiriel

    Actualllyyy even people can smoke catnip, some are even lightly affected by it. 😛

  2. Dale

    @Kiriel – I don’t wanna know how you know this.


    Don’t smoke catnip kids…. and stay in school…. or…. um…. er…. Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. will be disappointed in you. Sucka!

  3. Nonesocoldasi


    As my nephew says, “Who da funk is Mr T or Hulk Hogan?”

    I feel so old, and I’m barely 30.

  4. Dale

    @Noneso – I pity the fool.

  5. nayrki

    I’ve smoked catnip before. It really does affect you in the way it affects cats- it makes you really hyper and you lose any concentration or precision in motor control. If you smoke too much of it and do any physical work or excercise, you might black out- that almost happened to me when I smoked some before physical training.
    Its not very much of a “high”

  6. jjmblue7

    *GASP!* Smoking humor?! In a comics I read?! WELL…I…don’t actually mind at all, to be completely honest.

  7. Kiriel

    @Dale.. x3 I only know because of a wiki walk or similar for just random internet sites. I love jumping from page to page, sometimes using stumbled upon to find random stuff. 😀

  8. Aletheya

    People smoke almost everything these days, so this doesn’t surprise me… But I still don’t understand this strange urge of burning your own lungs.

  9. Sicarius

    *cackles*…and I know some people who act nayrki described just from smelling the stuff…I wonder what they’d have done if they’d smoked it….*ponders while playing with ball of yarn*

  10. Sicarius

    …argh…who act like*

  11. Elfguy

    Fat Freddy was always getting burned by buying Catnip when he was after…er…another green Herb that is usually smoked.

    He sold some Catnip to Norbert the Narc too.

  12. Zarel

    Dang Mike, first the alcohol chocolates and now catnip? Tsk tsk, wonder what Lucy is gonna have to do to straighten you out? lol