Heaven & Hell’s AGMs #05

The script for this strip simply read:

“An epic battle between the forces of good and evil.  Will add appropriate lettering after art is complete.”

When the art was complete, we just couldn’t find a spot that we were OK hiding under words.

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  1. DktrAgonizer

    This is a beautiful page. I think you guys made the right choice in not hiding any of it under text–it works just as well without it, anyway!

  2. Will B

    Wallpaper??? Just asking. Would be “hell” of cool.

  3. SecretAgent000


    I second that notion, and the other voices in my head third and fourth that notion as well.

  4. Baughbe

    Looks like our staff meetings.

  5. Palmetto

    “Words? WORDS? We don’ need no steenkin’ WORDS!”

    In the next edition of Bartlet’s Quotations, next to the entry for ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, this should be the example out in the margin.

  6. Zarvain

    Hmm….in regards to Aletheya’s post yesterday, I only see Yakety Sax if one of the imps toss a kitchen sink at someone, regardless of whom is actually hit. =P
    And @Baughbe; what, pray tell g- er sir, do you do for a living to have such…lively staff meetings?

  7. emberwest

    Best AGM EVER.

  8. jjmblue7

    @Zarvain: I wouldn’t put sink-throwing past the imps.

  9. Aletheya

    Yep. Yakety Sax all the way. I was right.

  10. Kiriel

    This page is amazingly epic :3

  11. Wizard

    With an image like that, I don’t think any words are really needed.

  12. Courtney

    @ Emberwest and Kiriel: Many Thanks!!!!

    @DktrAgonizer and Wizard: Dale’s script directions were to “go wild”. So, I purposely tried to leave as little room as possible for text. I guess the subject matter made me aggressive. 😀

    @WillB: That’s not a bad Idea. Though I may need to check with SecretAgent000’s second, third, and fourth notions again, just to make sure.

    Yakety Sax FTW!!!!

  13. Dangerdoll

    Reflects the BIG issues we are fighting about today… Looks like No one wins.
    Art imitating life.

  14. Sicarius

    …My deceptively cute guinea pigs totally approve…and so do I ^^

  15. SecretAgent000

    …Fael(Four) is reconsidering, but Trey(Three) is attempting to strangle him for that, so I’m gonna have to put Fael as a possibly, and Trey as a definitely.

  16. Snowgods

    Do you have it in BIGGER, for wallpaper use?

  17. Ragedoll

    Nice :)

  18. Baughbe

    @ Zarvain: Try local town services. Myself in Transit, but I understand Public Works is even more “fun”.

  19. Comichero

    the hotel manager is going to be pissed

  20. Elihion

    Oh my… has to be the pre-planning meeting for Armageddon…. :)

  21. J.P.


  22. Midtoon

    This would be a perfect illustration of the current US Congress… except that there are no angels there,,,