Heaven & Hell’s AGMs #08

Remember our old friend the Reverend Geddon and his Mega-Church problems from back when we were hanging in Heaven with Mr. G. and the gang?

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  1. Aletheya

    And I say again: Uh-oh.

  2. J. J. Sloane

    Looks like things are about to…heat up.


  3. Tegger The ORWA Tank Engine

    Geddon, Geddon….what word has Geddon in it…?
    it’s on the tip of my tongue…
    almost within arms reach…
    Gah! this is going to ruin my day if I can’t remember!

  4. Palmetto

    Tegger, it rhymes with ‘Gnarok’ or ‘Calypse’

  5. jeroen

    I pitty the fool that walks into my steamroom MEDAMNIT!!!
    (it’s catching quickly, I’ve seen heads turn allready…)

    Ehh Tegger, Carma is the word your looking for I think… or nor…
    loved that game, had to be made by imps!

    As for Palmetto. One’s a metal festival (or should be), the other is a revelation. I think your looking for a field.

  6. iellswo

    This can only end in hilarity.

  7. emberwest

    Oooh…who will get to him first, the Imps or Mr. G?

  8. jonwaynew

    Today I felt proud of myself and stupid at the same time. …finally figured out why Mr. G always says Me-D@^^!t.

  9. Golux

    Oh Dear God. Between Imps and Mr Geddon’s slimy taking of his name and everything else he stands for, there’s gonna be one Arma….. as the Me Dammits flow along with a bit of Godly Whup Ass…. Go Mr G!

  10. Golux

    …taking of his name and everything else he stands for IN VAIN, …

  11. Elfguy

    Money Grubbing Televangelist + God in the Steam Room = Fun will be had by, well not ALL, but some. And the words “Vengeance is mine, Me-Dammit!” may be heard.

  12. J.P.

    @Elfguy I sure hope so! XD