Heaven & Hell’s AGMs #09

And this is exactly HOW things get worse when the Imps are around.

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  1. LostInDarkness

    We’re all going to die a slow horrible death.

  2. jjmblue7

    Anyone else wish Mr. G and Mr. D will find some common ground in trolling the televangelist as Good Conscience/Bad Conscience?

  3. Will B

    Why is Night on Bald Mountain going through my head on this story??? Just seems to fit.

  4. davids4250

    Love the innocent look on Tears face.

  5. Bismarck

    I knew having My Ship refueled, was a REALLY GOOD idea!!! :)

  6. Palmetto

    There’s just no chance anyone’s getting their deposits back. Someone’s probably gonna lose a Travelocity account, too.

  7. Baughbe

    I feel a twist in the plot…

  8. emberwest

    Geddon, Mr. D, and Mr. G together in the same room? I sense the end of days coming on…the imps are DEFINITELY going to look good during this AGM.

  9. Aletheya

    I sense Mr. D and Mr. G are going to have a lot of fun in the steam room.

  10. jonwaynew

    This may become so funny that I break into tears.

  11. MaDaZi

    Those imps have balls. And they need them to plan chaos with God and THEIR BOSS.

  12. DktrAgonizer

    Ohohoho, this is gonna be good. I mean bad.
    Or, you know, just exciting.

  13. Elihion

    Mr D: Hey, this guy’s one of yours *point’s at Geddon*
    Mr G: Nuh-uh!
    Mr D: Is too!
    Mr G: Remember those Lawyers I sent you, Bulk Delivery?
    Mr D: *shudder* How can I forget?
    Mr G: Check the ‘and only 1 purchase from our monthly list’ clause…
    Mr D: You-dammit!

  14. Golux

    The Imps are for no-one but themselves. Getting the management to fight frees up your time to do a lot of interesting things. As in corporate life, so in incorporeal life. Keep the management occupied so you can get the real work done!

  15. jeroen

    Also, it’s fun to mess with things medamnit!!!
    They’ll probably get points for this, and a transfer… they’ll probably be earthbound for quite a while.

  16. Eeep!

    This cannot possibly end well!

  17. J.P.

    @Eeep! That’s kind of what we’re hoping