Heaven & Hell’s AGMs #10

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Ask Us Anything

Discussion (20) ¬

  1. Wolfen

    Oh crap… this can’t be good.

  2. Elfguy

    Round 1….FIGHT!

  3. Brant

    They know each other .:. Hilarious.

  4. jeroen

    This can only turn out briljantly!

  5. Eeep!

    Damn… Mr. D is BUILT!

    You may proceed with the ending of the world now!

  6. Aletheya

    I think I have a crush on Mr. D…

  7. Ragedoll

    I think my favourite part is the short caption that goes with this one!

  8. emberwest

    Now all we need is Mr. G to find both of them in there.
    (insert mischevious smile here)

  9. bob

    OK, which one of the imps is Murphy?

  10. iellswo

    Me, I’m Murphy.

  11. iellswo

    However, I’m not technically an imp, Mr. D’s been trying to get me on his side for years, but I find it more entertaining to work for neither side. I’m kind of neutral.

  12. Draconis

    I find it funny that the evangilist knows who Mr. D is and can actually see his true face.

  13. RocketTurtle

    O.O Mr. D is ripped. My goodness. *fans face*

  14. Lisa

    Actually, some of you may wish to refer back to Tuesday’s strip… I’ll wait… yes, that’s right, there is someone ALREADY in the steam room before the events of today’s strip occur.

  15. iellswo

    Mr. Geddon is not worthy of such an epic font, so I imagine that yes, the other half of the epic YOU! is the boss.

  16. Van

    Lisa is right Mr. G is already relaxing in the steam room, the preacher that He is really pissed at enters next, then Mr. D enters. I can see Mr. G and Mr. D deciding to relax by slow roasting the preacher over the hot coals or steam vent in the steam room. Then Mr. G and Mr. D. will slowly decide the preacher’s fate. BWHAHAHAHAHA.

  17. gabreil's cousin

    i concur, this is gonna be be frikin EPIC!!!

  18. Elfguy

    What the preacher sees in the steam room may “Scare him straight”…if he survives, that is.

  19. KingBooEnterprises

    Talk about Hairy! ._.

  20. neroangelus

    Satan’s ripped liek a beast in this, lol.