The First Thanksgiving #05

The downside of hanging around with a smart kid…. they can put the pieces together when you hoped they really wouldn’t.

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  1. Tara

    LOL that’s so terrible! XD

  2. Comichero

    hmmmm ( insert somthing wity and fun*

  3. Elfguy

    Tsk…isn’t that just the way team D works? Make a tempting suggestion, then sit back and watch the fireworks…

  4. jjmblue7

    What will Tears’ hand in this be?

  5. Shishoka

    Guess I’ll be the killjoy. The first Thanksgiving in America was actually performed by the Spanish because they arrived before the British and “had dibs” on the continent. As for the Pilgrims… this was probably the first feast officially recognized as NOT a giving of thanks and just an excuse to eat food and drink beer. I respect that.

  6. Zarvain

    Same thing it has been through all of history; aftermath.

  7. Dale

    @Shishoka – We’re following the officially mandated explanation of Thanksgiving, as present by A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

  8. Shishoka

    @Dale So we’re also going to ignore all the Native Americans who sold land that belonged to other tribes and thus ensured conflict between the settlers and real owners? Not that that was ALWAYS the case but it did happen quite often.

  9. Dale

    @Shishoka – If it wasn’t in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving it didn’t happen.