The First Thanksgiving #09

Well come on, you know it’s true! ┬áSomeone ALWAYS gets offended by something…. and it’s rarely the thing that was said to be deliberately offensive (believe us, Dale tries to be offensive every year) it’s usually something as tiny as the Green Bean Casserole that causes all the trouble.

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  1. Malverne

    Okay…I can’t take my eyes off that picture…what IS that picture?

  2. Zarvain

    That picture…it looks like a one eyed troll eating someone…well that LOOKS like someones legs sticking out feet 1st from its mouth…
    I’m guess a relation of the imps?

  3. Aletheya

    I think it’s Valentine’s Day Imp. It looks like some kind of formless ugly mass of strangeness with hearts surrounding it.

  4. Palmetto

    I’ve never done that at Thanksgiving.

    I did it at Easter one year, though.

  5. Wowey

    For those wondering, the picture on the wall is Bryony from Tracy Bailey’s Catena Manor. Fun!

  6. Dale

    And I thought it was the new line of toys from Hasbro…. My Little Cthulhu.

  7. Ragedoll

    LOL yeah isn’t that how thanksgiving goes…