The First Thanksgiving #13

That is some serious stink-eye Luci wields.

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  1. davids4250

    You don’t wanna make Luci Phurr angry…

  2. DktrAgonizer

    She’d best make sure they don’t try to add any extra “ingredients”.

  3. Sauron1209

    i dont know why she even let them in there. i mean, they’re the physical embodiment of pain, tears, and misfortune!

  4. Dannysmartful

    This is where she turns to the dark side…pink will cover this world… -then Pain wakes up. XD

  5. Eeep!

    Luci is trying to reform the imps? This can only end in, well… Pain, Misfortune, and Tears.

    Also…. Damn Luci, you could create a skating rink with an icy glare like that! Jack Frost got nothin’ on you kiddo.

  6. Aletheya

    This is goind to end in tragedy, little Luci.

  7. SecretAgent000

    It’s obviously lukewarm wasabi soup of sadness.
    I mean, what other types of soup could Pain, Tears, and Misfortune working together make?

  8. Malverne

    Oh dear…that eye is almost as powerful as Fluttershy’s “look.”

  9. J.P.

    Why are you here? Because you helped cause it,you idiots!