The First Thanksgiving #14

And if we all did something, wouldn’t the world be a better….

NO!  STOP IT!  We’d be out of a job here at Luci Phurr’s Imps!

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  1. Sicarius

    …Work? Psh…what is that?

    …No, seriously…what is it?

  2. Comichero

    well you know it was never specified what we should all do so I’m going to do nothing

  3. Melkior

    I could tell you what I do, but then I’d have to kill you!
    Heh heh heh heh heh!

  4. Sicarius

    …*grins*…does siccing cute fluffyful guinea pigs who rip off human ears count as a job? If so, I’m covered…if not…meh…

  5. Sicarius

    siccing cute fluffyful guinea pigs on random people* rather…sorry, couldn’t really type…fat cat is fat and persistant when it comes to getting my attention…wretched yowling cute thing…

  6. Aletheya

    That must be really embarrassing for the Imps.

  7. Malverne

    I’m a professional amusement, AND a professional distraction. Does that count as a job?