The First Thanksgiving #15

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  1. Sicarius

    …and yet someone -will- find out…*grins evilly*

  2. argentlupus

    The Description is PERFECT! I cannot wait to see what happens on monday now.

  3. MagicalMadge

    Tear’s expression was the same as mine when I was watching the Star Wars Holiday Special.

  4. Aletheya

    Reeeeeally embarrassing.

  5. Dannysmartful

    There, you met your lifetime quota. Be glad it was easy and now it’s over.

  6. Eeep!

    From the utterly broken expression, I half expected Tears to start bawling right there on the street once the confusion wore off, as that’d be a perfectly natural reaction for him. And I would have thought it’d be Pain who’d threaten to eat the other two if so much a word of this was breathed to any other physical or metaphysical being.

    By the way… where was Mr. Butterpaws in all of this? Oh dear. Was there a cat in the kettle? Or was he secretly observing the whole tragic ordeal? In which case, things are about to get a LOT more tragic next week…. O.o

  7. Comichero

    TOO LATE!! I’m going to tell every one unless you pay

  8. Zarvain

    I’ll be honest, after clicking on the description link I saw “evil clown laugh” on side and had to follow up with it…seemed to fit perfect.
    Nicely done girl, proud of you. =)
    Too bad there is no way this will last…almost wish it wasn’t already too late to keep quiet on this, you know they’re going to be given…shall we say “make up work” for this one…
    Guess I should head off and warn the rest of the team to be ready for MORE damage control/clean up…
    Seriously, I thought it was “no rest for the wicket;” oh yeah, I keep forgetting “the reward for a job well done is more work”…

  9. HighStar

    why didn’t you just use The Drama Button?

  10. HighStar
  11. Ragedoll

    God I love Tears!