12 More Daemons of Christmas #02

And then there is the fear of wondering if you actually WILL like what that person bought you.  What if they worked long and hard on picking this gift that they are sure you will simply love and your reaction when opening it is, “WHAT THE…? WHAT ABOUT ME SUGGESTS A TOILET ROLL COSY WOULD BE THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ME!?”



….it was actually a very nice toilet roll cosy, Aunt Amelia.

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  1. Zarvain

    i don’t think its a shower…pretty sure the imps would be more a pain than many a cat over that idea.
    Cat? Who am I kidding, many a PET period.

  2. Dannysmartful

    We sneak into the closet, hack into her email to see if she made any online purchases, and check her purse for receipts! Empty handed? No problem, with 3 of them they can each take an 8hr shift stalking her. 😀

  3. J.P.

    (insert rimshot here)