12 More Daemons of Christmas #06

OK, obviously we don’t need a disclaimer for….


No, I’m being told we actually DO need one here as well.

Legal Disclaimer: Sharks.  Just leave them alone.  Totally.  We mean don’t even think about going near them.  At all.

Happy now?

….and I am being told that yes, the Legal Department is now happy.

One final note. Check out the new project Court and Dale are pulling together…. stixite.com. New comics go live on January 2nd, and every weekday from there on. It’s something different that we think you might enjoy. It’s not a spinoff, just those two idiots having fun. And worry not. This does not mean they’ve abandoned LPI. In fact, quite the opposite. Dale and Court are cooking up plenty of imp mayhem for the readers to enjoy. Please remember, this is just a sneak peak, of what they are doing when not causing chaos here…which of course is causing chaos somewhere else. But we’re not totally finished, but pretty much everything should work and we wanted to share it with you now.

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  1. Snowgods

    I like the caustics (the water effects) on the shark, they look cool

  2. Dale

    @snowgods – That’s some Tracy-brand awesome for ya, right there. This is why we’re jazzed to have her doing more art.

    OK, the promise of some Tracy-brand baked products might have also swayed me…. I’m weak.

    But mostly it’s the art mojo.

  3. Kiriel

    Heh suuure it is. I bet her deal with the devil, or maybe the G-Man to corrupt the comic was jsut too great a sway for the forces of evil to fight.. :C

  4. Comichero

    You know I’m very disapointed in the people here no one made a spanking the monkey joke in the last strip ho dis a pointing , but shark tether would be dangerous yet fun reminds of the time i went night snkreling and was swiming with sharks at night

  5. EmberWest

    Too late…already made a tether-shark. I was disappointed that it broke on the first try and ate a little kid…whelp…

  6. ShirouZhiwu

    What, no laser on the shark? That’s like a turkey dinner without the thermite. It positively evil of them!

  7. Audburrito

    I find it hilarious that I found stixite first… then this.