12 More Daemons of Christmas #12

Look out Tomorrow when Tracy starts the lead-in to a story that will run all the way through 2012. Let’s hope the subtle shift in Luci’s attitude doesn’t weaken our three amigos too much…. we might need their combined cunning to save us all!

We’ve been assured that Courtney is not going to disappear and will in fact, start to make more of an appearance in the comments section of the strips.

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  1. Melkior

    This is the demon version of being corrupted.

    ‘course, I saw it coming a whole AU off. You can’t give three imps to a cute little girl who loves pink without something breaking. For a while, at least. :-)

    (AU = Astronomical Unit = the average distance between the Sun and the Earth)

  2. Aletheya

    No! No! I’m melting! Too much love! Save me!

  3. Comichero

    * scoops Aletheya up into a pale* I got ya kiddo

  4. Karyl

    Just how corrupted will they be is the key question! I’m with Melkior on seeing it coming, but it doesn’t make it any less interesting or funny. But can they be suborned onto the G team???

  5. Chameon

    G team? Who’s to say they won’t go their own way? They’re hardly likely to have pleasant friends on the other side, or people who actually trust them at this point. Just a thought.

  6. DktrAgonizer

    Nice? Oh no! Abort! Abort! The world’s gonna end!

  7. TheMightyElo


  8. J.P.

    Kinda reminds me of the Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy. Grim starts out depising the two,but over the course of the show he grows to like having them around,putting sand in their life hourglasses,and even saying “If anyone’s going to take their heads,it’s going to be ME!”