We Are The Nine #02

OK, birds are skittish at the best of times, seriously, how dangerous can whatever it is that’s awoken be?

Um…. so the jaguars and big cats are running too, but that could be just something natural, right? RIGHT?

But something that will make piranha-type nasties leap from the water to leave themselves stuck on land…. we’re screwed here. Totally screwed.

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  1. DktrAgonizer

    What new horror awaits us?!

  2. Comichero

    I wonder if the Nazgul are coming

  3. SevenLetterWord

    The Nazgul are not the scariest baddies I can think of tat they could be calling (it could be Azathoth or Nyarlathotep or Cthulhu or Hastur or something). On top of which they wouldn’t fit the theme of the comic at all. So it’s probably something else. I’d bet it’s just some Aztec god or something.

  4. Alex

    Forget about the Nine, Nazgul or Cthulhu, land piranhas are about the scariest thing I can think of right now.

  5. Fewrnando

    There are no piranhas in the mayan area. They live more to the south, like the Amazonas and Orinoco rivers.

  6. Trixxer13

    On Noes!!! it is the rising of the Bolontiku!!!!

  7. Aletheya

    Nice! Let’s wait for all those piranhas to die and have lunch!

  8. Dale

    @Fewrnando – Welcome to the LPI comments.

    That’s a great point you make, fortunately our crack research department are way ahead of you and found me a breed of very rare “piranha-type nasties” local to Central America. These are the Lesser Spotted Norwegian Blue Piranish. They are migratory and often end their lives in a similar fashion, pining for the fjords.

  9. Dave

    let me guess, they’re just gonna have a quick nap?

  10. Mord_Sith

    It’s going to be a contingent of rabbits and other assorted fluffy harbingers of doom…

  11. Karyl

    is this why the Beatles’ revolution number 9 was so scary?? one through 8 might have been bad, but number 9?? fugeddaboutit!

  12. Marvelous TK

    Man, they really like saying who they are. “We are THE NINE! We are gathering.” “We are THE NINE! We are driving on the highway.” “We are THE NINE! We are ordering coffee. Except Bill, he’ll have a skim milk latte.”

  13. Chameon

    “We are THE NINE! We are going to the bathroom separately and not at all together, merely simultaneously!”