We Are The Nine #03

Well he IS early. The others are possibly stuck in traffic, maybe in a line waiting at Starbucks, I’m sure they’re in their way.

Who is this mysterious Mayan?

Who are THE NINE?

What is their plan?

Is the world really going to end?

Really REALLY end?

Like without the Imps being involved?


Find out next year as we start 2012: The Year of The Mayan.

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  1. Draconis

    Lol, I don’t know, but I want to read something besides “The Nine” every other sentence :)

  2. Elihion

    (4th panel, same as 3rd Panel…)
    Knew I shoulda turned left at Albequrque…

  3. Comichero

    safe to say they are’nt the nazgul as the nazgul were all once great kings of men and neither live nor dead but it appears the nine is now the one? but I”m sure they nine are like mondren day clock repair men but ona bigger scale and they are to rewind and reset the long count calander and it’s a nine man job and if it doesnt get rest well the jig is up jack

  4. Aletheya

    His shadow looks like a pear.

    … I’m hungry.

  5. Ember West

    I keep thinking of the movie 9 because of this arc…

    Aletheya-killer fruit is all patt of the plan.

  6. Trixxer13

    I also hate that “early arrival” akwardness! I can’t wait to see the shadows of the other eight now…

  7. Draconis

    The rest of the fruit of the loom squad? :)

  8. TheMagicalFish

    No! The buggers are coming! Hurry, train some children!