The Mayan Part 1 #1

OOOOW!  Lots of new things going here at LPI Central.

First up, the debut of THE MAYAN!  To quote Han Solo, “he might not look like much, but he’s got it where it counts.” And there’s no disputing this guy doesn’t like much of anything. Hopefully the other members of his team are a tad more impressive. It wouldn’t be too difficult.

In other news, Tracy Bailey takes over as our regular artist.  As we’ve said before, Courtney (alongside Dale) is still working on other LPI things (actually as you read this, there’s a good chance they are doing just that…. OK, actually it’s more like fighting…. but good things usually result from those fights…. once the bones heal and the scar tissue stops itching). But just like all art, there’s a subjective element to how it’s received.  In light of that, if you don’t like the new art direction, that’s cool, no one here will be offended by that…. but we do ask that you at least stay as polite and awesome as you have done to date (because let’s be honest, when Courtney and Dale started this strip way back when, there were some strips that were definitely a little dodgy…. it took us a while to find the groove you’ve come to know, expect and love (or dread…. after Pain’s Christmas Glittering, we can totally see dread as a legitimate reaction). But give it a little time, we know it will grow on you.

Next we have the full launch of – the latest project from Court and Dale. If you checked out the sneak peak in December you know what to expect, if not, head on over there now. A new comic posts every day, and to keep things interesting, we create them completely backwards.  It’ll make sense when you go over there and look over the site.

Look out for more LPI-related goodness soon. We have BIG plans for this year. And remember, we’re back on a THREE day-a-week schedule.  So updates are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Discussion (7) ¬

  1. Baughbe

    Yeah, I have found that the little guy is all too often underestimated.

    Will miss the 5 a week schedule, but I’ll survive. Somehow….

  2. Aletheya

    Oh… so he wasn’t a pear. But maybe we can roast him?

  3. Chameon

    Well, he looks like a plant, so he’ll probably cook well. Although I must admit, I’m more expecting him to flop then burn. It looks like Ah Puch and the others are all far, far too comfortable, and corrupted, to be wanting to end the world just now.

  4. Alex

    I think it used to be some kind of bird… (turtle?… snake?…) God… thing. If so, he’ll probably roast well too. And most of the feathers are already gone… Also, trying to guess which Mayan Gods/Demons that are going to appear in this storyline is a nightmare, they have a load.

  5. Comichero

    so is he a dodo or is he some tinda half man hald bird mutant thingy

  6. Elihion

    Reminds me an awful lot of the vultures in
    Jungle Book… for some reason…

    Meh…Give up… :)


  7. ortonmc

    Looks like something out of Dr. Seuss.