The Mayan Part 1 #3

That can’t REALLY be legal, can it?

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  1. Baughbe

    All too legal. And one of the many reasons I left after only 1 month of working in insurance.

  2. Aletheya

    It sure seems like a fun job for a lazy Lord of Death.

  3. nicktwolf

    Leave it up to a lord of death to do something like this and from the looks at him he is giving a few angles their wings :)

  4. Filthy Pazuzu

    Terry Pratchett’s Death would be furious with how lazy & impersonal this Lord of Death is.

    “What can the harvest hope for, if not for the care of the Reaper Man?”

  5. Filthy Pazuzu

    On the other hand, I can understand why phoning it in would be preferable for him, wearing so many bells and all.

  6. Ragedoll

    The U.S Health care system is unsettlingly scary

  7. momcat09

    I’ve suspected something like this for a LONG time; never thought to see it confirmed, LOL!! (Yes, I work with those people, too..)

  8. Dale

    @Filthy P – Bells are the new black.

    @ Ragedoll – I sometimes thing US HEalth care is an oxymoron.

    @ momcat09 – You have our deepest sympathies.

  9. Kiriel

    The face style still freaks me out.. ;3;

  10. DCS

    Ah, the new representatives for ObamaCare!