The Mayan Part 1 #5

Should we be impressed that this immigrant from a more primitive culture can come to America and not only live the dream, but prosper to a ridiculous degree…. or just be very very depressed?

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  1. EmberWest

    Hmm…don’t know what to say about this. Where are the other Eight?

  2. Ragedoll

    lol yes honest.. haha I guess I havn’t mentioned that I love his feathers.

  3. Dale

    On and off, this story will run all year…. plenty of time for the others to make a guest appearance… we’ll go right up until the end of the world….



    Maybe…. 😉

  4. J.P.

    Dude,people like Twilight,Fred has 3 movies,and Onision is still making videos. I’d say it’d be safe to say someone up there has a weird sense of humor.