The Mayan Part 1 #7

Meet Mrs. G.

And you thought Mr. G. was a bad mutha….


I was just talkin’ ’bout Mr. G.

(That just NEVER gets old!)

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  1. Will B

    What?? I just Mrs. G.

  2. Snowgods

    if Mr G is married, then what about that Mary woman, That couldn’t have been good for their relationship.
    Also how does she get on with J, Mr G’s illegitimate son

  3. Comichero

    snow that was Imacualte conseption now sex so she remaind “pure” to hold the vessel of god on earth in factduring JC’s brith a mid wife didnt believe she was a vergin and sent to chek and got her hand burned so MR g is actual in the clear on this one she probly was the one that conviced Joseph to be cool

  4. Palmetto

    Yep, he’s whipped just like all the rest of us.

  5. RocketTurtle

    Given that we’ve already covered that Omnipotence covers all the other Omni-s in a past strip, that would mean that Mr. G is omnipresent and, thus, already wherever Mrs. G wants to go. Right?

  6. Golux

    Now here’s a turn. As much as we’ve found MeDammit, the Lord of all creation, now we meet the reason why anything gets done! Just lovin’ it!

  7. KingBooEnterprises

    She pitied the fool! XD

  8. Elfguy

    How d’ya know this ISN’T Mary?

  9. Becky

    Tracy, love your art. ^.^

  10. Sicarius


  11. Filthy Pazuzu

    @Snowgods How could any child of god be illegitimate? The scriptural definition of marriage is a holy and divinely established covenant. God, being the source of holiness and divinity, cannot BUT have a legitimate children!

    @Comichero Uh, what?

    In other news, Mrs. G sure looks pissed! I used to bear the brunt of a relationship like that. It was full of suck.

  12. Avarice & Charity 4ever

    Am I the only one who imagines Mrs. G to sound like Wanda Sykes?

  13. neroangelus

    Is that Mary?

  14. J.P.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,the REAL person here. LOL